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St. Andrew's church began with a tiny mission church on the same property which was acknowledged to be 80 to 85 years old at that time.  On June 3rd, 1926, the Feast of Corpus Christi, the late Father Quinan turned the sod for our existing church building today.  Excavation began immediately with many volunteers creating a gothic style church measuring 84' by 38'.  The laying of the cornerstone and blessing ceremony took place on August 29, 1926.   It is hard to believe the solemn blessing and official opening of this church took place just six months later on December 9, 1926, all because of the dedication of the faith-filled community.  In the spring of 1973, the beautiful stained glass windows replaced the original golden coloured glass.

On August 4, 1946, the life of this 'mission' church ended and it officially became a parish with its own priest, Fr. Anthony Francis.  

The Parish had grown enough to build its own Catholic school in 1931, staffed by the Sisters of Charity who traveled by taxi from St. Peter's Convent in Dartmouth.  Finally, in 1950, a convent was erected on the property for the Sisters.  The school remained operational for 38 years, closing on June 20, 1969.

St. Andrew's has been blessed with many great Priests beginning with:

Fr. Anthony Francis 1946 – 1963

Fr. James Hayes  1963 – 1975

Fr. John Delouchry  1975 – 1978

Fr. Basil Carew  1978 – 1980

Fr. Joseph Mills  1980 – 1987

Fr. Ross Legere  1987 – 1991

Fr. John Mills  1991 – 2000

Fr. Thomas Thekkekara  2000 – 2005

Fr. Gerald David  2005 – 2010

Fr. Johni Mathew  2010 to present

Among other recognitions for the Parish, the Archdiocesan Award of Merit medals were presented to:

1963  Miss Annie Donaldson

1972  Mr. Sandy Henneberry

2001  Mrs. Hazel Joyce, Mrs. Isabel McKenna, Mr. Edwin DeYoung

2005  Mrs. Clara MacCormick, Mr/Mrs.Pat and Nora Considine and Mr/Mrs.Jimmy and Edith Edwards

You may wish to download the full history of St. Andrew's Parish as a PDF document by clicking here

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