About EBulletins

St Andrews Parish EBulletin Service

If you have internet access and an Email address – we are in need of your help by participating in the EBulletin Program.

What is the EBulletin Program ?

EBulletin is the Parish and Diocesan Bulletin sent Electronically via Email to a list of subscribers

What is the advantage to EBulletin ?

If you are unable to attend Saint Andrew's Church at any given time due to illness, vacation or any form of absence, the Bulletin is automatically delivered to you

Why would I participate in the EBulletin Program ?

If enough parishioners subscribe to EBulletins it will allow us to reduce our printing and overhead costs

Every EBulletin transmitted is one less piece of paper and  tree required to produce it

Is EBulletin safe and secure ?

EBulletin is strictly an in house parish program

Your Email Address is not shared with anyone at anytime

Other recipients of the EBulletin will not see your name or address at any time

If I don’t want to participate, can I opt out of EBulletins later ?

With every EBulletin you receive, there is an UNSUBSCRIBE option available to you


EBulletin Service

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