Faith Formation – Family


You are invited to join our faith community as we learn and share with other families.  As an alternative model of religious education, we learn together by following the “Be My Disciple” series.  More importantly, Family Faith Formation can be fun for all ages.

St. Andrew’s Family Faith Formation encourages families [whomever your family consists of] to claim real ownership of the Church through the same type of interactive teaching and learning used in family settings. Come and join in.

Sunday, September 13th – commissioning of groups and children at 10 am Mass. All families are encouraged to attend this Mass. Group leaders will also be presented with manuals as a symbol of formation year.   Also, later that evening there will be a meeting for parents at 6:30 pm, Room B, Parish Centre, to discuss the upcoming year and accept registration payment. Cost is $20 per workbook. Please have payments ready so books can be ordered. Cheques are accepted made out to St. Andrew's Parish.



If you have a question or need more information, please contact Fr. Johni Mathew, Pastor; Cathy Patriquin, Co-Ordinator, Faith Formation; or Deacon Gordon MacKinnon, Office Manager.


“All families need God.  Every single one.  We need His help, His strength, His blessing, His mercy and His forgiveness. 

It takes simplicity.  To pray as a family, simplicity is needed.”   – Pope Francis 

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