Masses for the Week-June 13


✝Saturday – 4:30 pm

✝Sunday – 10:00 am


Wednesday – 9 am – Fred Whare

 Thursday–7:00 pm – James George

Friday – 9:00 am – Reta Law       

Saturday, June 18th, 4:30 – Jimmy & Bobby Cleary and Margaret Janssens


A Word From Fr Mathew

Dear sisters and brothers:


Love is a word so freely bandied about in ordinary human conversation that its true meaning is in danger of being obscured. Love is misapplied when it is used to describe mere physical attraction.

Food, no matter how delicious, cannot be the object of love, nor can clothes however stylish they are. Neither do sports, hobbies, careers, cars nor boats qualify as worthy of the dedicated commitment which is love.


Authentic love is not a feeling produced by the emotions; it is a thoughtful, free and deliberate act of the will. Moreover, as is reflected in today’s periscope from John, love is a commandment, not a suggestion, but a new commandment which is to be the identifying feature of the followers of Jesus.


Just as love for humankind motivated Jesus to be lifted up on the cross and just as God’s love for Jesus lifted him up from death to life, so must believers in Jesus be lifted up and lift up one another in love.


 The lifting up which is Christian love gives food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, clothes to the naked and time and attentiveness to the imprisoned and the sick.


The lifting up of love which is to be the hallmark of every follower of Christ spends itself in the service of others, without discrimination of any sort.


Near the end of his time with them (“I am not going to be with you much longer”) and at the precise moment when the synoptic gospels present their narratives of the institution of the Eucharist, Jesus mandates his followers to a mission of love.


Finally, there is no little significance in the fact that Jesus called his a new commandment. The mandate is part of the new covenant, and new economy of salvation and represents a departure from the old covenant which confined love to one’s neighbor, i.e., to another Israelite (Leviticus 19:18), or to resident aliens (Leviticus 19:35). Jesus’ new commandment called for love without limits, conditions, qualifies or prerequisites

Your Invitation

Fr Johnny Books

St Andrew’s Got Talent


Hello Families of Faith, we know there are a lot of children/youth in our Parish who like to perform – we saw that at Christmas with the Live Nativity.  We sometimes even see it at Mass on occasion!

So, on Sunday, April 17th at 6:30 pm we will be hosting a talent show and want all our children/youth involved in one way or another. Maybe they are too shy to perform or haven't yet discovered their talent but we want them to take part.  There will be lots of things to do. We encourage as many as possible to be involved and make this a success.  Come on, we know many of our children and youth take part in other activities – it`s a time for them to show others what they can do – a song, a skit, a poem, a dance or something they can do as a group – use your imagination!

With the help of Tracy Whalen, Kim Mann will lead this exciting presentation.  They will need a few more parents to help out as well.  So please let one of us know if you can offer your time and hands.  There will have to be a few practices beforehand as well.  This can be a wonderful experience for them just like those who were involved with Live Nativity – they were very excited to do it.

Please be reminded that we are looking for our children/youth to come join in our upcoming Talent Show.

We would love to see as many of our young people as possible become involved in some way. There will be many areas where your talent can be used so we encourage you all to come forward.

Please Contact Cathy, Kim and Tracy know if you are willing to be part of St. Andrew's Got Talent!

Cathy –

Kim  –

Tracy –


Lenten Series at St Andrews


Because of the extended discussion we are having here at our parish on the many topics seen in the video series we will be extending our gatherings. Our next meeting will he held after Easter as this is a very busy time. An announcement will be made on the next meeting date. The gathering will be held at our Parish Center in Room B.


Through prayer, conversation and reflection, the series will help us to imagine what a community of believers, focused on the mission of Christ, looks and acts like in our time and place.


We are asking you to attend each of the sessions to provide us with the input the Archbishop is seeking. Your input and that of other parishioners will be crucial in determining the strengths and /or weaknesses of our Parish.


To this end the greater the attendance at the sessions the greater chance we will have of an accurate assessment of our Parish.


This year’s series is once again presented by video. Each session features a short introduction from Archbishop Mancini, followed by three 10 minute segments focused on a particular aspect of the topic.


A time of prayer and group discussion follows each segment. From there each participant completes a short survey aimed at capturing where the parish is excelling and where the parish may need improvement.


Lent is a great time to make a special sacrifice to Christ as we prepare for Easter.

Mass of Remembrance

The special intentions, for the living and for those who have died, that you named in the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal will be remembered on Saturday, January 30 at 12:15pm Mass.

Archbishop Anthony Mancini invites you and your family to join with him in the celebration of the Eucharist at Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica. Reception to follow. All are welcome to this time of remembrance and thanksgiving.


Dance and Silent Auction


"Dancing Through the Decades"! Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2016 at St. Andrew's Parish Hall from 7pm-11pm 

Tickets $10 available now (see Cathy) or at the door, Cash Bar, 50/50, Prizes for best costume, spot dances 

AND, if you'd really like to burn up the dance floor, join Patty in picking up a dance-a-thon sponsor sheet, collect pledges and dance til you drop!  Free admission for any dance-a -thon participants! 

For more information, or to donate silent auction prizes, please contact Shelia at 902-435-5615 or

Pastor’s New Year’s Message

Fr. Johni Mathew photoDear sisters and brothers,
At the dawn of this New Year, we celebrate The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, and the World Day of Prayer for Peace, which has as its theme: “No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters.” (Galatians 4:7)
Today’s celebration is of greater importance at this time, when our world is subject to unspeakable violence. Today, the Church reminds us that we are all her children, children of the same Father and sons of the same Mother, whom Christ gave to us at the foot of the Cross on Mount Calvary. We are now part of one and the same family, a family nourished by the same Blood, the Blood that our Saviour shed for us and filled with the same Spirit received in the Upper Room.
Pope Francis invites us to meditate upon this blood relationship which is ours, reminding us that “We are no longer slaves” but that we are “brothers.” (Philemon 1:16)
The Church exhorts us to live the message of the gospel, the message of love and tolerance that our Lord Jesus left to us in this world which is torn apart by endless conflict.
Within our world, slavery appears under different guises. There is the slavery of sin, of injustice, of economic disparities, of hatred and of extremism. The Gospel calls us to recognize the inviolable dignity of every human being. We must be the living signs of fraternity especially when the world is becoming fragmented by conflicts and wars. To be brothers and sisters demand of us charity without prejudice and solidarity without limits.
Peace has a name: it is Jesus Christ. Justice also has a name: it is Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and the “Prince of Peace.” He is the only path that leads to benevolent and serene life.
Today, we celebrate Mary Mother of God, Mother of us all, Queen of Peace. The Gospel reminds us of how “Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19) When we find ourselves faced with situations and things we do not understand and our questions remain unanswered, then, together with Mary, let us turn towards the Infant Jesus, small, weak, vulnerable and yet the Only One, capable of responding to our expectations, of calming our raging sea and of giving us His Peace….
May the Blessed Virgin Mary, bring us into grace and peace throughout this New Year, so that at last we may see “a new heaven and a new earth.” (Revelation 21:1)
I wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year of peace and love.
Fr. Johni

CWL News


The ladies of the St. Andrew CWL will gather on December 06th at 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm to enjoy their annual Pot Luck Dinner. All CWL members are welcome to share their favorite dish with other CWL members. 




KOC News




There will be a memorial Mass held for the deceased members of the Knights of Columbus on Thursday, December 03, 2015 at 7:00. This Mass will be preceded by Holy Rosary at 6:30 pm in the church. All are welcome and encouraged to attend this Mass of remembrance.



Please come and join us for the monthly Knights Breakfast on Saturday, December 05th from 8:00 until 9:30 am. This has proven to be an enjoyable meal but even more importantly, a great social gathering. The cost is only $5.00 and we would love to see you there.


Feast of Saint Andrew



 November 30 is the feast of our patron Saint Andrew.  Andrew, born at Bethsaida, was a disciple of John the Baptist before he became a follower of Christ, to whom he also brought his brother Peter.  With Philip he presented the Gentiles to Christ and, before the miracle in the desert, it was Andrew who pointed out to Christ the boy carrying the loaves and fishes. 

After Pentecost he preached the Gospel in many lands and was put to death by crucifixion at Achaia.  Our parish is named St. Andrew.  The name Andrew means a brave young man who brought many people to Jesus.  Let us be brave men and women keeping our youth in our missionary work in the Year of Faith. 

Ministering to the Sick and Shut-In

EMEucharist"URGENT" The Pastoral Care Ministry at St. Andrew is in urgent need for more volunteers to assist the present teams with this ministry.


 This important and very rewarding ministry requires team members to take Holy Communion to the faithful in the Parish Community who are ill and to the shut-ins on a regular weekly basis.


Also, members as a team, take Holy Communion to Roman Catholic patients in Dartmouth General Hospital at the most 3 times a year.


The Eucharistic Ministry to Shut-ins provides a critical connection for house-bound parish members and the hospitalized to the full Parish Community.


When these members are unable to attend Mass the Communion Ministers will bring them the Holy Eucharist. Readings from the Mass and an update to current events through the parish bulletin are also shared during these home visits.

The need is great, but the servers are few. Don't be afraid if you don't know how to serve. It's very simple and you will be helped. There is a booklet to follow and training if you feel the need.

Anyone interested in joining this ministry or would like more information please contact, Forbes Keating (902-465-7057) or the Parish Office (902-461-1987).


Don't be afraid to say yes. A life will be touched and you will feel such a blessing in return. We need you.

Remembrance Candle Light Mass

heart_candle_and_roses_lg_clrREMEMBRANCE CANDLE LIGHT MASS

The Annual Remembrance Candle Light Mass at St. Andrew’s will be celebrated at 7 pm. on Thursday, November 26.  Today, especially we will remember and celebrate and light candles for the members of our families and friends departed in the last year.

This being All Souls’ month, it is a very special time to remember and celebrate our departed brothers and sisters by offering Mass and praying together for them at homes and church. 

The Book of the Names of the Dead will be displayed in front of the ambo during the month of November.  This book will be kept open and our beloved dead will be remembered in prayer. Your Mass intention offerings can be placed in the offering plate placed by The Book of the Names of the Dead by placing your envelopes in the weekend collections with the names of the deceased.



runner_athlete_running_md_clrThe 2nd Annual Walk – A – Thon will take place on Saturday, October 31, 2015 starting at 9:00 am.

This will be a 15km walk beginning at St. Andrew’s Parish Center.

Sponsors forms are attached to the bulletin or available at the Parish Office, at the entrance to the Church or by contacting Shelia Turner at 902-435-5615.

Last year’s events was extremely successful and raised over $4100.00. Please take a pledge form and get sponsors before the October 31st run.

All proceeds from this event will go toward the church paving fund.

Parish Mission

Mark your calendar – Deacon Larry Worthen from St. John XXIII Parish will be leading a three evening Parish Mission at St. Andrew on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings, November 29th, 30th, and December 1st at 7 pm. 

Give Thanks

381072-thanksgiving-dayAs we stop to think about all of the gifts that God has given to us and we come before Him today most appropriately to say "Thank You", we need now to look even beyond and ask if our lives are a constant sacrifice of thanks and praise to God, if we are really living what it is that we profess, if we recognize what God has done for us, and if we are giving the appropriate thanks daily that we should.


Not just taking time out once a year, not just taking the time once a week, but having time set aside every-day to unite ourselves with God's two greatest gifts: His Son and His mother, and giving thanks to God from hearts that have been forgiven, that recognize His mercy and understand the necessity of coming to Him daily to say "Thank You".

Dinner Theatre


Mark your calendars for the next St. Andrew's dinner theatre production – "The Hillbilly Re-Union!"  Friday, November 6th and Saturday November 7th. 

Tickets are $25 each, and will go on sale October 10th.

A delicious pork roast dinner, and lots of laughter are on the menu.  YEE-HAW!

Family Faith Formation


This Sunday, September 27th all families participating in this year’s Family Faith Formation Program are invited to attend the Scavenger Hunt at Shubie Park beginning at 2pm. All will meet on the front/side lawn of the Interpretive Centre.

It will be RAIN or SHINE, so please dress appropriately. Also please bring a bucket or bag to hold all your scavenger hunt items and a pen/pencil for checking your list (list will be provided).

Last year the participants divided up into small groups of 2-3 families. This year, as all the FFF groups are involved, we will more than likely pair up with families who are not in our groups in order to give the children and the parents a chance to get to know each other better.

It will take at least an hour or more, depending on what the group decides as a whole, to do all the searching and finding, then everyone will meet at a predetermined spot to compare our finds.

Lastly all families are asked to bring snacks and drinks for your family as the day will finish off with refreshments and some socializing.

Cenacle of Prayer

FRMisolekYou are invited to a morning of Prayer and Reflection in the form of a Cenacle led by Father Dariusz Misiolek on Saturday, September 19th, 2015, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at St. John Vianney Parish Church and Hall, 4 Beaverbank Road, Lower Sackville, NS. 

We will begin with Mass, break for coffee and then continue with a Cenacle of Prayer including Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Recitation of the Holy Rosary with Reflections, silent Adoration, and Benediction.   (Incense will only be used during Benediction.)   A Light Lunch in the Church Hall, along with a presentation on the Cenacle of Prayer which is under the guidance of the Marian Movement of Priests, will conclude our gathering.  During Mass, a Collection will be taken to support this Movement.  For information, please contact Cyril Cooke at (902) 865-1776.  All are welcome! 


Parish Envelope System

graduation_owl_md_clrOnce again the time has come to look at the way we support our parish church and community.

Here at St. Andrew, the majority of the parishioners are currently using the weekly envelope package which is the very traditional way of making offerings to your parish community.

Of course there is also Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) which allows for the convenience of having your financial offering debited from your account.

If you would like to receive a packet of offering envelopes or sign up for PAD please contact Deacon Gordon and the parish office. Please be reminded that all donations are tax deductible.

Parent’s Meeting

angel3an[1]There will be a meeting for all parents whose children will be attending the Family Faith Formation program to discuss the upcoming year and accept registration payment.


The meeting will take place in the parish center on Sunday, September 13th at 6:30 pm. Cost is $20 for workbooks.  Please have payments ready so books can be ordered.  Cheques are accepted made out to St. Andrew's Parish.


Jesus, fill our children with your peace, teach our children how to pray, show our children how to love. 

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith."   – Hebrews 12:1-2

Parish Finances

During the summer months many parishioners travel to their cottages or back to their home as well as camping, traveling etc… But life in your parish continues during this time. By signing up for Pre Authorized Debit (PAD) the financial needs of the parish are better met. If you may be interested please contact Deacon Gordon at the Parish Office. .

If anyone is interested in obtaining parish envelopes All Charitable Offerings are tax deductible

Knight’s Breakfast


Knights of Columbus breakfast dates for the summer are: July 04th, 2015 and August 01, 2015. Time are 8:00 am to 9:30 am. Come and enjoy a hearty breakfast for $5.  All proceeds to benefit the parish general fund

Encounter Atlantic


We've been hard at work planning an amazing conference that will feature powerful speakers, opportunities to deepen your Catholic faith, and grow in community. The conferences will be called Encounter: Awakening a Generation. Join us at Encounter Atlantic, a Steubenville Young Adult conference for ages 19-29. Meet other young people who are trying to live as Catholics in the world, and find out how to include God in your life… wherever you are. Encounter dynamic speakers, great music, socials and entertainment, and, of course, opportunities to come together as a community of prayer. This conference is specifically for you as a Catholic young adult and will be different from the high school conferences – but it will be every bit as powerful!

This year's Encounter Atlantic Conference is July 3-5, 2015 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. To register please visit the provided link below.

Change in Mass Schedule

Beginning June 29th, the summer Mass schedule will take effect. The Weekday Masses will be on Wednesdays at 9:00 am and Thursdays at 7:00 pm. Please note that for the months of July and August there will be no Friday morning Mass.

Parishioners are encouraged to also attend the weekday Masses whenever possible.

Upcoming Dinner Theatre


YEE-HAW!!  It's that time of year again to start a new dinner theatre production!  We are looking for actors and actresses for our next show "The Hillbilly Re-Union!"


Our first meeting will be on Saturday, June 6th at 9:30, following the Knights of Columbus breakfast.


The proceeds from this fund raiser will be allocated to the Church Paving project,


For more information, call Shelia at 902-435-5615, or email at


Family Faith Formation Lenten Project


St. Andrew’s pre-confirmation Family Faith Formation Group has decided to help people in need during this season of Lent. During Lent we should consider giving something such as almsgiving as an act of charity.

The children of the group have decided to do a food drive and would like to ask for kind donations of nonperishable food items.


There will be a donation box placed at the entrance of the church where you can leave your donations. Such donations will be accepted throughout Lent.



Due to the continued church basement reconstruction the downstairs washroom is unavailable. The Washroom in the Sacristy will be made accessible by going out the main door to the ramp and using the door leading into the sacristy.  Please do not go through the sanctuary.  Sorry for the temporary inconvenience and thank you for cooperation and understanding.



Renovations in the Parish Hall continue with some updates being added to the scope of work. The anticipated deadline for the completion of this work may be later than anticipated. Perhaps even late April before all the renovations are complete. Please watch the bulletin or contact the parish office before planning any events for the hall in the near future.  Further updates on the restoration and renovation will be posted weekly. Thank you all for your patience.

Parish General Meeting


As you are aware, during the coldest of weather a few weeks ago, the furnace at our parish hall broke down causing several pipes in the hall and washrooms to burst, thus causing a lot of damage and flooding to the building, especially in the kitchen. As a result, a major renovation is planned to the parish hall kitchen which is covered by insurance.   Specifically these repairs will include replacing the kitchen floor and walls to repair the water damage.


The Property Committee of our parish recommends that we should seize this opportunity to completely upgrade the kitchen.  This would be the first step in our total renovations to the parish hall. 


We invite you to join us for an information session at 7 pm. on Wednesday, April 8 in room B at the Parish Center where we will outline for you the proposed plan for a well informed decision making.  

Parish Notices


All Liturgical ministers (all those who sign at the back table for ministries) serving  the Sacred Triduum Services are asked to join in the sacristy 15 minutes before the scheduled Service for updating of information and pre-prayering.



Rehearsal for Good Friday service at 10 am. on Good Friday.

Rehearsal for Easter Vigil at 10 am. on Holy Saturday.

Stations of the Cross

12_crucifixionAt St. Andrew’s, the Way of the Cross will be held on Fridays in Lent (from February 20th till March 27)  These Fridays in lent we will have Mass at 7 pm. followed by Way of the Cross. We are encouraging our parishioners to experience this spiritual devotion led by Catholic Women’s League, Knights of Columbus, Development and Peace and Family Faith Formation groups during this Lent.

Family Faith Formation Lenten Project


St. Andrew’s pre-confirmation Family Faith Formation Group has decided to help people in need during this season of Lent.


During Lent we should consider giving something such as almsgiving as an act of charity.

The children of the group have decided to do a food drive and would like to ask for kind donations of nonperishable food items.


There will be a donation box placed at the entrance of the church where you can leave your donations. Such donations will be accepted throughout Lent.

CWL Annual Bean Supper

toss_salad_wooden_bowl_md_clrSaturday, February 21st at the Parish Hall from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Beans, Ham, Homemade Brown Bread, Beverage and Gingerbread for Dessert. For the children Hot Dog, a cookie and beverage will be available.

Tickets: $8.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Children.

Please join us for what promises to be a tasty meal.

A Romantic Evening in Paris


Come and enjoy a lovely evening of fine dining, and dancing on Saturday, February 14th at the parish hall. A delicious three course dinner of salad, beef bourguignon, and chocolate trifle will be served from 6-8 pm, then a dance will follow until 11 pm.  We will also be having an auction, 50/50, cash bar and door prizes.  Tickets are only $15/ person, or $25/couple.  Tickets available from Cathy.  For more information, or to donate auction items, please contact Shelia at 902-435-5615, or email at  All proceeds will benefit St. Andrew's general fund.

With Great Appreciation

christmas scheduleWith Great Appreciation

Our thanks to all who have contributed to making our liturgies so wonderful over this Advent and Christmas season. A lot of effort by many parishioners makes this possible. From the folks who applied their artfulness in the installation of the Advent wreath and candles and Nativity setting, to those who proclaimed the Word of God with conviction. Thanks to the planners of liturgies. Thanks to the Mass Coordinators and all liturgical ministers, including the Altar servers and Ministers of Communion. Thanks to our music ministry for uplifting our liturgies and encouraging us to engage fully. Thanks to those who collect, transport and deposit our collections, which keep our church viable. All of this in the context of such inspired outreach to those in our neighbourhood who are less fortunate. We are truly blessed as a Christian community working to share the Good News!

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